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CEO Bassem Nowyhed didn’t figure out how manufacturers can get their items off retail retires from the business administration degree he procured in 2011 from the University of Southern California. That gave him what could be compared to a Ph.D. in systems administration among the Trojan universe of graduated class.

“You come out of USC with friends and connections from your professors and classmates to business leaders in every field,” Nowyhed says. “You develop relationships that start with listening to what others need, being authentic, offering help in whatever way you can, and building trust.”

“I might have wanted to go play basketball with friends, but my dad would drive by and honk his horn, saying he needed me,” Nowyhed reviews. “I would spend my time there sweeping the floor or bagging ice, breaking down Gatorade boxes, and merchandising the bottles so they would sell. I learned about traffic flow and impulse buying, why it was a good thing when customers left a mess by the coffee because it told you that’s where they were aggregating.”

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